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India is heading to discard its label of a developing country and crossing the threshold to become a developed nation. It would be a proud moment for all of us and we would become self sufficient in all respect. 

This would not be the true picture of a developed nation till all mouths are fed. The social conditions which breed poverty, have to change and we are the ones to bring about the change.

Krishnapriya Foundation and its volunteers are initiating steps to transform the living conditions of the poor, propagating health and hygiene, increasing awareness of educating children, preventing children from indulging in industrial or factory labor, adult education and teaching them skills, and help them earn honorable livelihoods. It has been seen that only when hunger is appeased, other facets of life, like education and hygiene come into the forefront, otherwise not.

Our volunteers are working very hard to get children from the poor households to schools and make learning a life changing step in their daily battle to exist. Only when they are equipped with literacy they could even entertain the thought of coming at par with the other affluent children. Adult education and learning of new skills for a vocation, especially by the women is a compulsory step to fight poverty and superstition. To attain equality then would not appear to be a far-fetched thought.

Krishnapriya Foundation has also been working extensively to provide shelter not only to destitute children and women but to the abandoned elderly. We dare to have a vison that one day we would have a world which would really be free of poverty, women respected, children going to school, elderly leading a dignified life and all being treated equally. It’s a challenge yes, but not unattainable!